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Everything you need to know about
Everything you need to know about Gouniq can be found here. If you're
interested in becoming a member, click here.
General Store Window Information
What can I sell on Gouniq?
Gouniq is open to anybody that creates unique, high-quality products. You can be an artist, furniture maker, industrial designer, engineer, jeweller – you name it. All we ask is that it be a unique and tangible product made exclusively by you or your brand.
What if I already have an online store?
Gouniq can be utilised as your main web presence or as an alternative online outlet – the choice is yours. If you already own a stand-alone store, Gouniq is a great way to gain extra sales and increase your customer reach without losing your all-important brand recognition. And if you don't have a store, Gouniq is the perfect solution to get going with no start-up cost.
How does Gouniq work?
Gouniq provides a forum for retailers of original products much the same as a conventional department store, but that's where the similarity ends. Retailers are given all the necessary resources to create and manage an attractive Store Window within the network for free. You don't even need any design skills! Customers can then search, discover, and buy great products.
How do I start an online store window?
To own an online store you must apply. You can apply for an online store by clicking on the following link. If you are not logged in or a member you will need to become one first.
How long does the approval process take?
This depends on the amount of applications we have to process. We review all the information individually before approving an application so please be patient.
Do I need to know how to code?
No, you do not need to know how to code to create a great looking store window. Out application is easy enough for anybody with basic computer skills to use.
Is it free to own a store window?
Yes it is completely free to own a store window. The only time you will ever have to pay is when you make a sale. We have a commission rate that fluctuates between 2.5% and 5% based on you previous months sales. Learn more about commission rates here.
What is buddy Bonus?
Buddy bonus is your reward for spreading the word about Gouniq. Invite like-minded retailers to join Gouniq, and once they open a Store Window their monthly sales total will be added to yours, and your total added to theirs for their first 6 months lowering both your commission rates.
Will I receive a monthly bill?
You will never receive a bill from us. All commission fees are automatically deducted at checkout. Once a transaction is processed you'll be notified by email, and be able to review the deduction from your transaction statement under "Order Manager" in the Hub.
Making a Sale
What happens once I have made a sale?
Once you have made a sale you will be sent an email to your personal account and within your "Recent Activity" section stating the details of the order.

You will then need to:

1. Click the Order Sent button that's located in the "My Account" section in the "Order Manager" tab. This will signify that you have sent the order.
2. The user will either submit a review or not. If they do not within 30 days the process will switch to "Order Complete"