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Everything you need to know about
Everything you need to know about Gouniq can be found here. If you're
interested in becoming a member, click here.
What is Gouniq?
Put simply, Gouniq gives retailers the tools to be discovered and buyers a great place to shop. Creators of unique, high-quality products can generate and promote a branded Store Window within the Gouniq network for free. Buyers can purchase multiple items from different stores in just one checkout.
What can you do at Gouniq?
The question is what can't you do…
If you a buyer you can browse, buy, chat and discover an evergrowing number of great retailers from around the world. So you can purchase from multiple stores in one simple transaction.
If you are a retailer we empower you with tools that make you an expert in design, coding, marketing and all your other business functions.
Gouniq is all about unlimited global choice
Our Mission
Gouniq's mission is to connect great online stores from around the world so they can be easily discovered, browsed and purchased from.