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The Basics
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How it works
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A list of our tools
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The network
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YOU Create it and WE help you Design it, Network it, Market it and Sell it.
At Gouniq, we bring stores together into one network to give buyers more choice. More choice means even more buyers, because customers need only go to the one place on the Web to find what they want. Therefore, each store in our network enjoys even greater exposure by being among peers in just the one place. How do we do this? We provide all the tools necessary to create and maintain a great-looking Store Window within the network – all for free, and no design skills required. Once you've created your Store Window, you can design, manage and market it while customers search, discover and buy.

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We strive to develop exceptional tools that empower retailers to find customers.
Gouniq in a little more detail
Create it
To start, you must create an amazing product. It doesn't have to be made by you BUT it has to be exclusive to you. This means that you can have the product commissioned, generated via a production line, manufactured in a factory or even made by your grandma (although we don't endorse this). Put simply, we don't mind how it's produced, as long as it's unique to you.
Design it
Now you're ready to show your products to the world and get them discovered. To do this you simply select a theme and design it the way you like. No coding or design skills are necessary to create a great, one-of-a-kind store window that resonates with customers about who you are and what you are marketing. All you need to do is drag and drop, select, and click. Give it a try.
Network it
Once you've created a store window it automatically becomes part of the Gouniq store network. The network is our public directory where your store window and products become searchable and available to purchase from. Like a shopping mall the network connects stores together so they can work together to gain more customer exposure.
Market it
Use our growing range of Store Window tools to help your products be discovered. They're free to use and part of the service you receive when you create a Store Window. You can shout out to others in the Gouniq network, market to your window subscribers, and set up promotions – just to name a few of the great resources offered. Our team is continually dreaming up and creating new tools so that stores can maximise their potential. Give it a try.
Sell it
Managing sales and purchases is easy. Once you've made a sale you will be notified by email and through your assistant. Everything is automated so all you will need to do is confirm the order and send it. Easy!
Give it a go, its free. If you have more questions click here