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The Basics
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A list of our tools
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The network
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Tools that make designing and running an online store window too easy
Personal Assistant
Your Hub is a management console that acts as your own online personal assistant. It updates you on pending tasks and orders, keeping you on top of everything so that you can focus on what's important – marketing your products.
Designer & Coder
No web coding or design skills are needed to create a great-looking Store Window. Gouniq's Designer tool uses basic on-the-page functions such as drag-and-drop, select, and click. Each theme is flexible and can be customised to whatever design your brand requires. Create as many window designs as you want and switch them at any time. More about customization.
Store Manager
With Gouniq, you can manage your store with just a few simple clicks. We have created tools that minimize the effort you would normally need to run a store. Tasks like setting up promotions, managing subscribers and viewing statistics are only one click away, and require no professional knowledge to use them.
A few of our features in more detail
Store promotions
Create a store promotion with ease using the Promotions set-up tool. Arrange promotions such as free shipping, discounted wares and total spend deductions. Once you've created a promotion, it is automatically calculated at the checkout.
Add your Google Analytics ID, or use Gouniq's internal stats to see information such as store views, item views, popular items, sales and much more. You can also browse a certain time period to see how you've performed.
Gouniq's messaging systems enable you to communicate directly with customers through your account email address. You'll then receive notification through your Hub, as well as your personal email account. You're never too far away from a potential sale.
Change your look
Change the look of your store with a couple of simple clicks. At Gouniq you can create as many designs as you'd like and switch between them at any time. You can duplicate and then change one of your designs, preview an inactive design or even change the structure of a design.
Store management
There are a multitude of store tools at your disposal, such as the tax rate per region, social media links, FAQs and more. All our tools are easy to use and require little effort from the store owner.
Organise items in a click
Gouniq's menu and item manager gives store owners the freedom to edit items and create new menus in just a few clicks. Change the item display and menu order by dragging it into position. You can create a menu that's up to three sub-menus deep.
There are too many features to mention, join for free and have a play
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