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The Basics
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Create a store window that is uniquely you
The design menu
Gouniq's Designer menu has all the tools you need to create a great-looking Store Window. Simply select a menu heading and a popup appears with all the elements that can be edited. Once you're done, just click the Save button.
Master Control
The Master Control panel manages all the elements in a Store Window. Its features include a selection of theme color palettes, the ability to shuffle colors within a given theme and a choice of font formatting to style your text.
Edit any colors
No web development or design skills are necessary to tweak any color on a theme. Change all the colours, or change a few – the choice is yours. Just click on the palette icon for the element you wish to alter and pick a color. Simple!
Drag & drop panels
Rearrange your store's layout with ease. Select the "layout" heading in the Designer menu and dotted lines will appear over the panels that can be moved or resized. Drag them up, down and around until you're satisfied with the result.
Manage your fonts
Choose the font/s you'd like to use in any text element. Open the font drop-down menu and select the typography and color you want. You can also apply style and size settings for each text element.
Banner & backgrounds
Create a store banner on the fly by uploading an image and adding text to it. Position your banner text and resize the image to make the most of the space. You can then add a fixed or scrolling background image, or perhaps just a plain color or pattern – there are many options from which to choose.
What's great about Gouniq is that to design an amazing store window, you don't need to be a ...
CSS, PHP, HTML ... you won't see those acronyms here. Gouniq is so simple to use that absolutely no coding skills are required.
While you'll tap into your creative potential, you don't need to be a designer to create a store on Gouniq. All you'll ever have to do is select a few colors, drag a panel, upload an image and you're done!
Give it a go, its free. If you have more questions click here