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The Basics
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Strength in Numbers
Connecting your products with like-minded marketers in a searchable network gives you the power to be discovered. The Gouniq network opens your front door to buyers who may not necessarily stumble upon your store. Unlike a stand-alone online shop, launching a Gouniq Store Window enables your product to be seen almost straight away – and all with limited design, coding and marketing skills required. Plus, it's free! So join and get found. Create a store now.
Add your products to the network for free
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The beauty about Gouniq is that there's no extra cost to add your items to our network. Think of Gouniq as a tool to cast your net further to find customers that may not find your products the conventional way.
The marketing effect
Everybody likes to talk about what they do, especially if they love what they're doing. Just imagine you were part of a network made up of people talking about what they do; this is Gouniq. Every store within the network uses the same tools to help grow their customer base, and these shoppers will also find your store.
Uniting with others makes sense
Small fish swim together because it makes them appear larger and more imposing than they really are. This is not unlike the philosophy of Gouniq and its forum of boutique stores. By appearing alongside like-minded businesses, the Gouniq network strengthens your web presence and empowers you to appeal to potential customers.
Give it a go, its free. If you have more questions click here