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How commission rates are calculated
The more items you sell, the less commission you pay. Gouniq's rates range between 2.5% and 5% of total sales for a month. This pricing structure means that you won't have to invest a cent to make a sale, eliminating any financial risk on your part, and the more successful your store, the more economical your commission rate.
Absolutely no bills...ever!
You will never receive a bill from us. All commission fees are automatically deducted at checkout. Once a transaction is processed you'll be notified by email, and be able to review the deduction from your transaction statement under "Order Manager" in the Hub. Gouniq will never get paid unless you get paid. Learn more about how Gouniq works.
Refer your buddies
The Buddy bonus is your reward for spreading the word about Gouniq. Invite like-minded retailers to join Gouniq, and once they open a Store Window their monthly sales total will be added to yours, and your total added to theirs for their first 6 months lowering both your commission rates. Everyone wins, so spread the word!
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