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Gouniq is a place to show, promote, discover, and buy great unique products
Put simply, Gouniq gives retailers the tools to be discovered and buyers a place to shop. Creators of unique, high-quality products can generate and promote a branded Store Window within the Gouniq network for free. Buyers can purchase multiple items from different stores in just one checkout. Open a store now.
Find out more about How Gouniq works...
Gouniq is a web application that aims to simplify all ecommerce and marketing processes. We do this by providing a central location that provides easy to use tools that empower retailers to run and grow an online business within a bustling searchable marketplace.
What is Gouniq?
Gouniq brings individual stores together into one search-friendly store network. These individual stores are known as Store Windows, and can be easily created by members with no web coding or design skills in a matter of minutes. Once created, Store Windows instantly become part of the shopping network; members gain immediate exposure to potential buyers, who can purchase from all stores through the one checkout. Learn more about how Gouniq works.
Why was Gouniq created?
There are just far too many great products on the Web being overlooked! It's very difficult to get noticed in the abyss that is the World Wide Web if you lack the $$$ or marketing savvy. And, of course, there are no guarantees even if you do have the resources to back you. Fortunately, Gouniq has you covered, providing innovative retailers with the tools needed to get discovered – at no risk. Join Gouniq and open a Store Window..
How does Gouniq work?
Gouniq provides a forum for retailers of original products much the same as a conventional department store, but that's where the similarity ends. Retailers are given all the necessary resources to create and manage an attractive Store Window within the network for free. You don't even need any design skills! Customers can then search, discover, and buy great products. Learn more about how Gouniq works.
Why does it work?
Gouniq makes shopping pleasurable for the discerning buyer, and simplifies the online setup process for retailers. By bringing such stores together under the one roof, buyers enjoy more choice and marketers gain more exposure through this strong web presence amongst like-minded retailers. Once a Store Window is created, it works seamlessly with the Gouniq tools and checkout system. And best of all – you don't have to be a web guru to use Gouniq.
What makes Gouniq different?
The crew behind Gouniq saw an unmet need in the Web retail sector: users marketing their wares online while maintaining their own distinct style. While there are plenty of websites that enable retailers to sell online, none provide the opportunity to present their uniqueness through store design and marketing. Gouniq has made and continues to develop all the tools required to design and manage an online store simple enough for anybody to use. All tools and processes have been created according to one basic test: if our parents can't use it, we scrap it.
Why use Gouniq?
Because designing, launching and managing a store is simple and free. At Gouniq, the seller is given the power to be discovered through easy-to-use tools that have been tested, retested, and tested again … you get the idea.
What if I already have an online store?
Gouniq can be utilised as your main web presence or as an alternative online outlet – the choice is yours. If you already own a stand-alone store, Gouniq is a great way to gain extra sales and increase your customer reach without losing your all-important brand recognition. And if you don't have a store, Gouniq is the perfect solution to get going with no start-up cost. Join Gouniq and open a Store Window..
Who can use Gouniq?
Gouniq is open to anybody that creates unique, high-quality products. You can be an artist, furniture maker, industrial designer, engineer, jeweller – you name it. All we ask is that it be a unique and tangible product made exclusively by you or your business.
Give it a go, its free. If you have more questions click here